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At age 9, I experienced my first menstrual cycle followed by endometriosis symptoms. Despite seeking medical treatment and support, for 17 years, I was constantly accused of attention seeking while neglected and misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety,  PCOS, PID, STD's, and made to believe that to be in pain is to be a woman. After a miscarriage and an anembryonic pregnancy at age 25, I was finally clinically diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis.

At age 26, I was told that a hysterectomy or induced chemical menopause were my only treatment options left. I chose menopause and was later hospitalized for a DVT. My doctor, a top endometriosis specialist in North America, accused the hospital staff and I of lying about my blood clot, put me on indefinite blood thinners, and ignored my calls and emails when dismissing me from his care.

At age 25, I was also told I had precancerous cervical cells and would need to go through conization procedures on a yearly basis for the next five years. During my first procedure, arts-and-crafts looking scissors were used to remove two cone-sized biopsies from my cervix without any anesthesia or numbing. After experiencing six months of bleeding, I begged my gyno for help, but they denied me care because I denied getting another conization at the same time while also ignoring my requests for my biopsy results. I switched my care and received my reports indicating that there was nothing wrong with my cervix.

At age 27, I was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed amphetamines. I experienced temporary blindness, paralysis, onset stuttering, and collapsing. When I sought medical attention at the ER, I was dismissed as having anxiety and depression and told to continue taking the ADD medication. My symptoms worsened over time and my doctor began an investigation for multiple sclerosis while insisting prescriptions (SSRI's) for ADD and depression. Several different medical opinions later, it was insisted I was suffering from serotonin syndrome; being poisoned by the amphetamines. 

The lack of care and urgency for women and people AFAB's healthcare, especially for womxn of colour, demands urgent and immediate change. This is the fight of my life and in some capacity, we all are in the fight of our lives living with endometriosis.
For some- a fight for the lives we use to have, for others- a fight for the lives we never had and for all of us- a fight for the lives we deserve to have.

I can’t express to you the overwhelming pain in my heart I feel for all of us but I can show you the abundance of love I have for all of us by developing the care paradigm that is rooted in the care we deserve.

Please join me this year in re-introducing endometriosis as a full body chronic, inflammatory disease with autoimmune like behaviours impacting 1 in 9 women, transgender and non-binary people; people AFAB. 

Join me in shouting from every rooftop, making endometriosis the most discussed topic of the year because we are relentless in our voices being heard, our stories being shared and our care turned into one we deserve.

It’s time.

With love, strength and healing,


No more ridiculous wait-times, preventable hysterectomies, decades of mistreatment or misdiagnosis, misinformation, disease progression or surgical complications.

We're building the new endometriosis care paradigm setting the standard for health equity, transparency and efficacy. A one-stop shop that will provide access to the best endometriosis care and preventive healthcare for women, transgender and non-binary people. With a focus on marginalized communities

AI Clinical Diagnosis

mindo is myendoMD's clinical diagnostic model mimicking a clinical diagnostic assessment. Once a diagnostic outcome is recommended, mindo's algorithm offers patients personalized care recommendations with consideration of their questionnaire submission, healthcare goals and treatment history.

Patients can choose from telehealth, pharmacy services and everything else they need to manage endometriosis care all at their fingertips.

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Launch | March 2023

endometriosis awareness month

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Say hello to mindo!

mindo is a clinical diagnostic model developed by myendoMD that has a 98% accuracy rate and aims to improve diagnostic outcomes by mimicking a clinical diagnostic assessment.

Once a diagnostic outcome has been recommended, mindo's algorithm provides patients with personalized care recommendations based on their questionnaire submission, healthcare goals, and treatment history. This allows the algorithm to consider an individual's unique needs and preferences when making care recommendations.

Connecting patients to telehealth, surgical referrals, pharmacy services, and everything else they need for e
ndometriosis care at their fingertips.




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Telehealth |

At myendoMD, we understand the challenges and struggles that come with living with endometriosis. That is why our team is dedicated to providing compassionate, holistic, and evidence-based care to support you on every step of your journey.

We are committed to improving affordability and accessibility for patients around the world through the development of our i
nternational care database and airline partnerships for medical tourism.

Our myendoMD team is up-to-date on disease research and is sensitive to the needs of all patients, including the use of preferred pronouns. Creating a welcoming and inclusive experience.

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Pharmacy Services 

At myendoMD, we are dedicated to improving affordability and accessibility for patients managing endometriosis. That is why we offer a range of endometriosis products and medical therapeutics for delivery through our myendoMD+ program.

After a telehealth conversation, patients have the option to make a one-time purchase or sign up for a 3-month subscription at a discounted rate for certain medications.
Our delivery service includes both pharmaceuticals and generics, making it easier for patients to access the medications they need at a more affordable price compared to other drug distributors.

At myendoMD, we believe that education is an important part of the healthcare journey. That is why we are committed to providing our patients with the information they need to make confident, informed decisions about their care. We strive to support our patients towards better health and wellness by offering education on their care options and helping them to feel empowered in their healthcare journey. (3).gif
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Tech Pack

myendoMDs' developments are at the forefront of endometriosis care creating a new care paradigm for patients.

Our community, AI developments, at-home kits and pilots all lead to myendoMD's unique opportunity and first to market edge.



In less than 3 minutes, myendoMD offers a clinical diagnostic session with data sets approved by MD's. Once diagnosed, myendoMD offers personalized and affordable care options ranging from telehealth, pharmacy services, genomic testing and surgical referrals. 

No more ridiculous wait-times, preventable hysterectomies, decades of mistreatment or misdiagnosis, disease progression or surgical complications.




i/andco connects patients to evidence based advice from their DNA using genetic testing to develop a dynamic pharmacogenomic database (drug interactions and bioavailability) for precision medicine.

We ensure ease, accuracy and safety. 

Starting with the first endometriosis pharmacogenomic test kit and database with drug interactions focused on depression, high blood pressure, blood clots, infertility.

prendi AI


myendoMD (4).png

prendi AI makes it easier for patients to gain clarity and confidence on their results, conversations and decisions.

patients ​can receive a summarized transcription of their telehealth session as well as post-visit content personalized to their concern or app upload of tests, biopsies and results.



Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women and people assigned female at birth (AFAB).png

06cwn is myendoMD's pharmacognosy solution and development of our endometriosis cure, creating apoptosis of endometriosis cells with little to no existing side effects.

Our solutions naturally alleviate endometriosis symptoms (inflammation), stop disease progression and long term internal, irreparable damages.



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